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The Greenwich Township Municipal Office will be closed Monday through Wednesday April 23, 2018 through April 25, 2018. Employees will be attending the Annual PSATS Convention for training.'

Please take notice that the Greenwich Township Zoning Hearing Board will convene a public hearing on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, at 7:00 P.M. to consider the Application of Than J. Wright and Teresa A. McCarthy-Wright with an address of 33 Robin Hill Rd., Lenhartsville PA, requesting a variance to establish a limited winery as a farm-related business. A copy of said Application may be examined at the Greenwich Township Municipal Building during normal business hours. Please check the Reading Eagle Newspaper for notices and announcements.

The Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement will be conducting a license canvas in Berks County on April 11th. Multiple wardens will be going door to door educating dog owners as well as checking the status of their dog licenses and rabies vaccinations. If you could help us spread the word through social media, your Borough/Township newsletter, or anywhere else you communicate with your citizens, we would greatly appreciate it. I have attached our media communications kit, a flyer created specifically for Berks county, as well as a list of places dog owners can purchase licenses. Feel free to contact myself or Warden Yourkawitch with any questions. Thank you! Megan Horst | Region 7 Dog Law Enforcement Supervisor Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture | Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement 2301 N. Cameron Street | Harrisburg, PA 17110 Phone: 717.418.0284 | Fax: 717.772.4352 www.agriculture.pa.gov www.licenseyourdogpa.com

Berks County Conservation District will be conducting mosquito surveillance and West Nile Virus monitoring in Greenwich Township again this year. Surveillance will occur approximately once per month from April 1 through October 31, 2018. Surveillance may occur more often if mosquito populations and/or virus levels elevate and require enhanced monitoring. Dead birds will continue to be tested for West Nile Virus from May 1 through October 31, 2018. Dead birds may be reported to Evan Corondi, Mosquito-bourne Disease Control Program Coordinator at Evan.Corondi@berkscd.com or by calling 610-372-4657 x212. Residents may also report by using the link found on the PA Department of Environmental Protection's West Nile Virus webpage. Trapping devices and control equipment will be tagged with the Berks County Conservation District logo.'

Important Message from our Road Crew! When a tree is down AND BLOCKING a roadway and you are having trouble contacting the Municipal Office please call 911. They have the ability to contact the emergency phone numbers to get the tree removed. Thank you !

Greenwich Township has been informed by Mike Lebo from the Department of Agriculture that Greenwich Township is now on the quarantine list for the Spotted Lantern Fly. Greenwich is now considered to have an infestation. If seen, it is recommended that they be discarded of and please call and report to the Automated Invasive Species Report Line at 1-866-253-7189.

The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive that is new to the United States. Spotted Lanternflies are native to Southeast Asia, but they have been introduced to other areas of Asia as well - including Korea, where Spotted Lanterflies are a major pest to agriculture. Spotted Lanternflies are reproducing quickly in areas of southeastern Pennsylania and have become a major threat to Pennsylvania's agriculture and forestry industries.

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For all your recycling needs, please click the link for Berks County Recycling. Free and convenient drop off locations.

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Activities for Berks County Families and Children. Please visit www.berksfun.com for more information.

Pennsylvania Residents,

The attached Community Awareness Bulletin is provided to the public as part of an increased effort by the Pennsylvania State Police to share important information concerning the safety and security of the citizens we serve. These bulletins will be disseminated as necessary, and will contain information regarding emerging crime trends and safety issues that could impact our communities. The Pennsylvania State Police remains committed to working hand-in-hand with the public to reduce crime and improve the overall quality of life in our communities.

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Please consider visiting our public website at www.psp.pa.gov for additional information you might find useful.


Acting Troop Commander Lieutenant Scott Brennan
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Welcome To Greenwich Township

Greenwich Township lies within the Hardyston Jasper Archaeological District. This district within Greenwich Township is defined by intensive jasper usage by Native American Indians in lithic tool activity dating back 10,000 years. The earliest known inhabitants of the Township were a meek and docile tribe of Delaware Indians called the Lenni Lenape whose ancient symbol was the turtle. It was the sub-tribe, Minsi (Wolf), of the Lenni Lenape that lived in this area. The largest Minsi settlement in Berks County was located at present day Virginville on the Township's southern border.

The first European settlers came to the area in the early 1700's. These settlers were mostly Germans, although some were descendants of French Hugenots. They came to America primarily from the German Province of Pfalz (or Palatinate). The Palatinates settled the area as farmers, building family farmsteads and clearing the land for agriculture.

Greenwich Township was originally part of Albany Township. Greenwich Township separated from Albany Township and incorporated as a township in 1755. It was named by English settlers after Greenwich, England.

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